A few questions we get on the regular...

Why don't you just make more?

Our pastries are a three day long process, from mixing and resting the dough on day 1, to laminating with layers of butter, rolling, cutting, shaping and filling each croissant on day 2, to proofing, egg washing, baking, glazing and putting all finishing touches on day 3. It's truly a labor of love, and what makes our pastries special is so much attention to detail during each step of this laborious process. These pastries are not meant to be mass produced, and we are pushing to the max, working around the clock to be able to serve as many of you as we can!

Can we preorder?

Preorders are available online during holidays throughout the year. We try to keep instagram as updated as possible with info on preorder drops. When we have time in the schedule, we offer Variety Packs on weekends. Always keep an eye on here! 

When is the best time to come to the shop?

This is a tough question - because every day is different - but our best advice is to come during the week, on Wednesday or Thursday, either right before we open for your pick of everything we have, or around 10:30am if you're not as picky. We might be sold out of some items, but the line is gone and you don't have to wait as long. We do our best to keep Instagram stories updated when there is no line so you guys can run on over, and when we are close to selling out so you can abort mission!

Do you do wholesale?

Wholesale requests are considered, but we are currently  focusing our efforts on producing enough for the demand at our shop! If you are interested in product for your business please inquire through our contact form.